Camrin Dengel – Slow Living in the American West

Camrin Dengel is a professional lifestyle photographer who lives and works on the quiet side of the Teton Mountain Range in Teton Valley, Idaho. Her work focuses on a broad range of subjects, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture, hunting, fishing, and life in and around her mountain community. In her work and leisure, Camrin is a devoted proponent of slow living, and she strives to approach her profession and life in a manner that is intentional, simple, meaningful, and positive.


Photo: Camrin Dengel

Growing up in Valdez, Alaska gave Camrin a unique perspective and toughness (she calls it “stubbornness”) that have allowed her to pursue her passion for art full time, while staying true to her ideals and enjoying a slow-living lifestyle. She attended college on a running scholarship with the intention of becoming an engineer, but decided midway through that art and photography were her true calling. After graduation, she moved straight to Teton Valley where she has built a life and business centered around documenting the people and places that make the American West such a special place to live.


Photo: Camrin Dengel

I’ve spent a lot of time in Teton Valley and can honestly say that Camrin’s work captures the landscapes and lifestyle more authentically than any artist I’ve ever seen. She is obviously a talented photographer, but she is also a super-interesting person who has managed to sidestep a good deal of the “busyness” and distractions that dominate many of our lives. In our conversation, we discuss her career trajectory, and also her love for the community of Teton Valley. We dig deep into the idea of slow living, and she offers some thoughts on ways for people to adopt a slower, more intentional lifestyle. As usual, we discuss favorite books, documentaries, and challenges and opportunities facing the American West.


Photo: Camrin Dengel

This is a really fun episode full of lots of great info. Be sure to check out the episode notes for links to everything we discuss. Hope you enjoy!

All photos courtesy of Camrin Dengel

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Episode Notes

Topics Discussed

2:30 – How Camrin describes her work
3:50 – Good example of Camrin’s work
5:30 – Teton Valley explained
7:25 – How she ended up in Teton Valley
8:30 – Transition from adventure photography to lifestyle
9:50 – Thoughts on slow living
10:45 – Ways to live slowly as effortlessly as possible
13:25 – Being intentional with social media
14:20 – Advice for adopting a slower lifestyle
15:30 – Growing up in Alaska
16:35 – Unique aspects of growing up in Alaska
18:50 – How Alaska shaped Camrin’s perspective
20:05 – College years in California
21:15 – From engineer student to artist
23:15 – Time with the Alaska Marine Conservation Council
24:35 – Similarities between fisherman, ranchers, and farmers
27:10 – Camrin’s definition of conservation
28:00 – Thoughts on fishing and hunting
31:45 – How Camrin developed the confidence to follow her passion
33:15 – Role models and mentors
35:10 – Other possible career paths
36:45 – Advice to aspiring photographers
39:00 – Photography advice
40:30 – Book recomendations
41:20 – Slow living resources
42:45 – Favorite documentaries
44:20 – Surprising activities
48:00 – Favorite place
49:20 – Ideas for off the beaten path experiences in Alaska
51:00 – The insanity of the Mt. Marathon
55:15 – Biggest challenge facing the American West
57:30 – Request of the listeners
58:50 – Connect with Camrin online

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