Teddy Roosevelt vs. The Squirrels

It’s no secret that Theodore Roosevelt lived a life that revolved around the outdoors and nature.  Even during his years in the White House, he would commonly disappear into the American West for weeks at a time, hunting,… Read More

An Unchanged Western Tradition

I came across the following passage last week while reading TR’s The Wilderness Hunter.  It’s amazing how little spring cattle round-ups and brandings have changed in the 121+/- years since he wrote these words.  With the exception of… Read More

Summer Reading – Great Books about the American West

As we enter Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer, I wanted to offer up a few book recommendations for your summer reading list.  I love reading, particularly non-fiction, and I try to read at least… Read More

T.R. on Hard Work and the West

An great quote from Theodore Roosevelt, written to his lifelong friend William Sewell during T.R.’s Badlands ranching days.  Although written in a completely different time and context, I think the quote still holds true today regarding life and work… Read More

Book Review – “Meat Eater” by Steven Rinella

Growing up in North Carolina, I was never drawn to the idea of deer hunting.  As a young kid, it all seemed pretty boring – get up before sunrise, sit still in a cold tree stand for hours… Read More

Conservation Founding Fathers

I recently came across this informative video produced by the American Museum of Natural History that describes some of Theodore Roosevelt’s* conservation mentors.  There’s also some interesting commentary from historian Douglas “I ain’t scared of no two-bit congressman”… Read More

Hilarious Theodore Roosevelt Quote

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a slight obsession with reading and learning about Theodore Roosevelt.  Given the large number of books, letters, and speeches that TR produced throughout his life (35+ books, 150,000+ letters, 1000s of speeches),… Read More