Investment and Conservation in Crested Butte

Click over to the Mirr Ranch Group blog for my most recent post about some of the ambitious conservation projects taking place around Crested Butte, Colorado, as well as information on one of the most attractive remaining investment and conservation… Read More

Stephen Smith – Adventures in Photography, Motorcycles, and Ranches

Stephen Smith – Adventures in Photography, Motorcycles, and Ranches Stephen Smith is an agrarian, adventure, and lifestyle photographer who has successfully combined his love of ranches, farms, motorcycles, and travel into a full-time career in professional photography. Thanks to… Read More

The U.S.’s Only Privately Owned 14er

I just published a trip report of my early morning jaunt up Culebra Peak, the only privately owned 14er in the country and the high point of the spectacular 83,000-acre Cielo Vista Ranch. Click over to the Mirr… Read More

Jim Howell – Conserving and Restoring the World’s Grasslands

Jim Howell is the CEO of Grasslands LLC, which is the land management arm of the Savory Institute, an organization that Jim co-founded.  Both Grasslands and Savory focus on conserving and restoring the world’s grasslands through what they… Read More

Spencer Williams – From River Guide to Water Innovator

Spencer Williams spent his summers as a river guide in Colorado’s Upper Arkansas River Valley, and those experiences on the water led him to law school and into a career as a water rights attorney. He now works for Ponderosa… Read More

Erik Glenn – Saving Colorado, One Ranch at a Time

Erik Glenn is the Executive Director of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust, a land conservation organization that has protected over 465,000 acres of working ranches throughout the state of Colorado. In this episode, Ed and Erik discuss… Read More

Lessons from an “Anti-Boomer”

This article originally appeared in “Crossroads, Spring 2016 Issue,” the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust newsletter.  You can download a pdf of the article here, watch CCALT’s “Forever Colorado” video here, and support CCALT’s efforts here. The great western author Wallace… Read More

LandThink – Conservation Easement Article just republished last week’s conservation easement article.  I always appreciate LandThink’s commitment to spreading high-quality, interesting land-related content.  I encourage anyone working in land-related industries to submit articles for publication.  The more knowledgeable professionals to contribute, the more… Read More

Turnkey Ranches

That’s turn-key, not turkey. Anyway, there’s a lot to be said for buying a ranch that is in great shape and can be enjoyed immediately without a lot of extra cost and backbreaking labor.  My new post on the… Read More

Conservation Easements – Six Common Misconceptions

Despite the fact that conservation easements have been widely used as an effective land protection tool for decades, I still encounter a surprisingly large number of landowners and land buyers who are misinformed about the most basic aspects… Read More