The U.S.’s Only Privately Owned 14er

I just published a trip report of my early morning jaunt up Culebra Peak, the only privately owned 14er in the country and the high point of the spectacular 83,000-acre Cielo Vista Ranch. Click over to the Mirr… Read More

Changing Seasons in Crested Butte

Follow the link below to the Mirr Ranch Group blog for updates on all the happenings in “Colorado’s Last Great Ski Town”– Crested Butte, Colorado.  With another excellent ski season in the books, the resort is hard at work… Read More

Turnkey Ranches

That’s turn-key, not turkey. Anyway, there’s a lot to be said for buying a ranch that is in great shape and can be enjoyed immediately without a lot of extra cost and backbreaking labor.  My new post on the… Read More

Centaur Meadows’ Rural Cluster

I just published a new post on the Mirr Ranch Group blog regarding the Centaur Meadows Ranch’s rural cluster plan.  As explained in the post, the rural cluster creates a win-win scenario for both conservationists and developers by… Read More

Ranch Broker Essential Characteristics

Be sure to check out part one of my six part series on the Six Essential Characteristics to look for in a ranch broker.  Part One discusses the indispensable importance of experience. It sounds simple and obvious, but… Read More

New Listing: Centaur Meadows Ranch

Click over to the Mirr Ranch Group site for information on my newest listings, Centaur Meadows Ranch.  Located just 30 miles from downtown Denver, the 456-acre property is one of the largest undivided ranches in Colorado’s Front Range.  It… Read More