Nicholas Coleman – Painting the Heritage and History of the American West

Nicholas Coleman – Painting the Heritage and History of the American West Nicholas Coleman is an ultra-talented, hard-working artist based out of Provo, Utah, and he paints some of the most interesting and beautiful works I’ve ever seen. His… Read More

Colorado’s Landowner Preference

One of the many advantages of owning a ranch in Colorado is that  landowners can receive preference when applying for hunting tags for elk, deer, and pronghorn.  Colorado’s Priority Landowner Preference Program gives landowners a better chance of… Read More

A few weeks back, the entire Mirr Ranch Group team headed out for a morning of upland bird hunting at The Bluffs, a wingshooting preserve in Colorado’s eastern plains.  Since we are all usually spread out visiting ranches… Read More

From the WSJ – Bison in Yellowstone

An interesting short piece in this morning’s Wall Street Journal discussing Yellowstone National Park’s bison herd, and the its effect on landowners, Indian Tribes, and federal and state policy: Montana Wrangles Over Bison Population To read more about… Read More

Book Review – “Meat Eater” by Steven Rinella

Growing up in North Carolina, I was never drawn to the idea of deer hunting.  As a young kid, it all seemed pretty boring – get up before sunrise, sit still in a cold tree stand for hours… Read More