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Ranchers, writers, athletes, artists, conservationists and entrepreneurs—Meet the innovators who are shaping the future of the American West on the Mountain & Prairie Podcast. Through informal yet substantive interviews, Ed Roberson introduces you to these fascinating characters, giving you a better understanding of their careers, influences, and outlooks, as well as a deeper appreciation for life in the American West.

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Podcast Episodes

Matt Barber & Joel Doub – Stewards of a Fly Fishing Legacy

Cate Havstad – Cultivating Creativity & Craftsmanship

Sarah King – Collaborative Conservation in the American Southwest

Charles Post – Stewardship, Science & Storytelling

Mark Maggiori – A Fresh View of the American West

Tyler Sharp, Part II – Modern Huntsman

Scott Slusher – The Cowboys’ Cowboy Photographer

Duke Beardsley – Art in the Big, Bold American West

Dan Flores – Chronicling the West’s Rich Natural History

Noel Durant – Conservation & Community in the Gunnison Valley

Teal Blake – On Being Authentic & Original

Justin Simoni – The Ultra-Endurance Artist

Bryan Martin & Elizabeth Williams – Life Skills Through Wilderness Adventure

John Dunaway – Life and Times of a Merchant Mariner

Bernice Ende – Equestrian Explorer

Mike Reilly – Helping Combat Veterans Rediscover Purpose

AD Maddox – The Art of Trout and Fly Fishing

Jeff Lee – Creating a Literary Home on the Range

Christian Beckwith – Building a Conservation Coalition

Tyler Sharp – The Sportsman Storyteller

Connor Coleman – How to Build a Meaningful Life in the West

Taylor Keen – Tribal Truth Seeker

Camrin Dengel – Slow Living in the American West

Jason Schlarb – Service, Adventure, and Ultra-Endurance

Larry Yaw – Creating a Sense of Place in the New West

Pat O’Toole – Six Generations of Balanced Ranch Stewardship

Joe Grant – Self-Powered Alpine Adventurer

Ben Masters – Conservation Through Innovative Filmmaking

Stephen Smith – Adventures in Photography, Motorcycles, and Ranches

Nicholas Coleman – Painting the Heritage and History of the American West

Ann Johnston – Protecting Crested Butte’s Spectacular Landscapes

Andrew Skurka – Blazing a New Trail Across the West

Jim Howell – Conserving and Restoring the World’s Grasslands

Brady Robinson – Climber, Educator, Outdoor Advocate

Lloyd Athearn – Protecting and Preserving Colorado’s Highest Peaks

Connie Sciolino – Building Stronger and Tougher Outdoor Athletes

Spencer Williams – From River Guide to Water Innovator

Erik Glenn – Saving Colorado, One Ranch at a Time

…and plenty more to come!

Praise for the Mountain & Prairie Podcast

“My Favorite Podcast EVER!”

“A treasure trove of insight on the American West, discussion of conservation, ranching, outdoor sports, art, literature, and more, in a way that would make Teddy Roosevelt proud.”

“I often times find myself listening to episodes multiple times, each time gaining more knowledge.”

“Every time I listen to one it makes me want to pick up, head west, and immerse myself in the conservation movement protecting our wide open spaces and wildlife.”

“Ed’s passion for the outdoors shines in every episode.”

“It is evident that Ed cares deeply about the American West, its history, and issues pertaining to the conservation and prosperity of the West.”

“I’m a city guy that has never experienced much of “the west” or the mountains. This podcast brings both to me. Kudos to the creativity displayed in creating this podcast and the perseverance to see it through.”

“Absolutely fantastic. So wonderful to find this podcast.”

“Ed does a great job of bringing on genuinely interesting folks… I’ve learned a ton from Ed’s guests and can’t wait to hear more!”

“If you enjoy ranching, wildlife, conservation, history, or anything else pertaining to the western world, you will likely enjoy the Mountain and Prairie Podcast. It’s also a great source of information pertaining to leadership, health, and just plain good living.”

“Outstanding Podcast! Thank you for taking the time to get these stories out into the world.”

“Phenomenal. Where has this podcast been! Man I’ve been missing out, I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead of catch up!”

“This podcast has given me a much deeper understanding of the West and an appreciation for some of the interesting people working to make it a better place.”

“I’ve learned so much about the region by listening to these conversations. And the book recommendations… so many great titles I would have otherwise missed out on.”

“Very informative and well done… Great to see the diversity of western characters and their passions.”

“Ed’s choice of thought-provoking guests coupled with his questioning skills, set this podcast apart. As a lover of story telling and the west, his work is spot on!”

“Incredibly beautiful podcast full of ground truth and genuine human connection.”

“Best podcast being recorded right now.”

“OUR FAVORITE PODCAST: Ed Roberson knows the West, loves the Land & the Books it inspires.”

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