6 Articles + 1 Video for the Snowy Weekend

With the east coast covered in snow and a storm scheduled to hit the Rockies on Sunday, here are a few suggested articles and a video to keep you entertained if you’re hunkered down.  Enjoy!
  • ‘Unbranded’ Sheds Light on Wild Horse Issues in the West, Outside Magazine – I had not heard of this film before stumbling across this article, but I’m hoping to watch it in the coming weeks.  The article delves into many of the issues that I find interesting – adventure, ranches, political issues about western land – so I have high expectations for this film.
  • How Two Filmmakers Cracked the World’s Most Bizarre Trail Race, Outside Magazine – After reading the article above, I fell down the rabbit hole of linked sidebar stories and saw this one.  I love running long trail races, but the Barkley Marathons is crazy even by my skewed standards.  Also, I’m always intrigued when filmmakers can make running through the woods for 30+ hours interesting, so I’m excited to check out this film soon.
  • Stewardship with Vision, Western Landowners Alliance – Western Landowners Alliance is a cutting-edge organization and an excellent resource for all things related to ranches, land ownership, and issues in the West, and I highly suggest signing up for their email list.  They periodically release informative videos about their work, and this is the latest one.  Very well produced and informative.
  • Town Milk Put Tarboro on the Map, Our State Magazine – My wife came across this article from Our State Magazine, a great publication that focuses on unique, upbeat stories from our home state of North Carolina.  This one focuses on one particular aspect of my hometown of Tarboro and even has a quote from my grandfather, who was the longtime mayor and town doctor.
  • Why You Should be Talking About Work All Holiday Season, Ryan Holiday – One of my pet peeves is when I meet people who get annoyed when I ask them what they do for work.  Most of us spend at least half of our waking hours working, so why wouldn’t we want to talk about it?  Maybe their work is mind-numbingly boring, they’re no good at it, or possibly a combination of both.  Ryan Holiday, an extremely smart author and thinker, tackles the subject.
  • This is Your Brain on Nature, National Geographic – I’m a firm believer that spending time outdoors is good for everyone, whether you’re running 100 miles or simply sitting on a bench in a park.  Proximity to open space and nature is one of the main reasons I live here in Boulder, three blocks from the trails.  The article examines this idea in full NatGeo style, with a thorough analysis and stunning photos.
  • Deconstructing urgent vs. important, Seth Godin – Wisdom from Seth.

Go Broncos!  Go Panthers!

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